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Hey everyone! I hope all your summers are going fantastically and that you are enjoying this wonderful Monday off! 

Resident blogger Jason here aka DJ Chthulu aka DJ Sexbomb aka DJ Jazzy Jay with some AWESOME summer music. 

Why should summer vacation mean no more music? I stumbled upon this group in a store I believe and loaded it onto my shazam.

(Which by the way, is an app you should download if you do not have! It’s a must have for any smart phone. Basically if you hear any studio version of a song you use the shazam app to listen to the song and it will make a record of the song so that you can go later on to download or listen to it). 

The group is called Karmin, and they are kind of a Pop/hip hop sound. They have their own genre called Swag pop (it’s really just pop…). It’s made up of Rapper/singer Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan. 

Get ready guys, I think this group is going to BLOW up (not literally, God forbid). They were musical guests on SNL this month and on Ellen as well! Their current single out right now is “Brokenhearted.” Now Brokenhearted is the song that I shazamed. But after listening to more of their music, their lesser known single from last year is really my favorite, “Crash Your Party.” It has that upbeat jam that I think just gets everyone out and excited for summer. Cheesy, I know, but I still enjoy it and thought you Top 40 fans would enjoy it as well! I think the reason I enjoy them is because their Top 40 isn’t a Ke$ha sound or some Britney Spears. They put their own little spin on it with the rap. I guess that’s why they call it swag pop. haha. 

That’s it for this week’s music find! Please feel free to submit to our askbox if you have any cool finds or suggestions for posts! 


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