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Andy Grammer and Melissa NKonda - Keep Your Head Up 

Hey guys! Resident Blogger DJ Jason here aka DJ Cinnamon Roll aka DJ Blastoise aka DJ Greenisnotacreativecolor . Woo! 

So I’ve been a fan of Melissa Nkonda for awhile now. She’s a French pop singer. I love her singles Nouveaux Horizons and J’ai fait tour ca pour vous. Now some of you are like, Jason, where on Earth did you hear about her? Well Z100 has an international segment and that’s where I heard a clip of Nouveaux Horizons and I loved it so much I went home and downloaded. 

But the above video is a collaboration she did with Andy Grammer on making an international version of hit song, “Keep Your Head Up.” Now, I love Andy Grammer because he has such a fresh voice, and he sounds just as clean live as he does in his studio version. Now I’m not sure if Andy actually speaks French, but watching the video you can really see the passion between the two singing. There’s a connection and a lot of fun going on. I love about half way through the video when Melissa is singing and Andy begins to beatbox. They just go with it. 

These are the musical moments that we as fans should savor. This is beyond all the image crap that artists are obsessed with and this is just pure sound. I hope you enjoy the video and Melissa’s music as much as I do! (Even though I admittingly have no idea what she’s saying).