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Local Music Festival 2014Manhattanville College 3/22-3/23

Local Music Festival 2014
Manhattanville College 

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Join us on Wednesday from 9-11pm in the Pub @ Manhattanville College

Join us on Wednesday from 9-11pm in the Pub @ Manhattanville College

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Local Music Festival 2014 Announcement

Here is the official release for artists/performers for our 2014 Local Music Festival in the West Room at Manhattanville College 

Saturday March 22, 2014:
Marlon Williams
Rebecca Havailand and The Whiskey Heart
Raina Mullen
Dominic Tursi
Down to Fox
We Are Not Our Bodies
The Phonies
Capital Moustache
And The Traveler
Rocky + The Pressers
Lucy Stone
W.C Lindsay

Sunday March 23, 2014:
Naajidah Correll
Gardens of Acadia
When Kingdom Falls
Saw Mill
Scoutmaster Jack
Ula Ruth
Nice, Shot Kid!
Wess Meets West
Jukebox Romantics
True Apothecary
One Fell Swoop
Wild Rompit
American Pinup

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Westchester, NY
Happening this Saturday @ Manhattanville College, down the road from SUNY Purchase! 

hosted by us, WMVL Radio
2900 Purchase St
Purchase, NY 10577

Westchester, NY
Happening this Saturday @ Manhattanville College, down the road from SUNY Purchase!

hosted by us, WMVL Radio
2900 Purchase St
Purchase, NY 10577

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Hey everyone! I hope all your summers are going fantastically and that you are enjoying this wonderful Monday off! 

Resident blogger Jason here aka DJ Chthulu aka DJ Sexbomb aka DJ Jazzy Jay with some AWESOME summer music. 

Why should summer vacation mean no more music? I stumbled upon this group in a store I believe and loaded it onto my shazam.

(Which by the way, is an app you should download if you do not have! It’s a must have for any smart phone. Basically if you hear any studio version of a song you use the shazam app to listen to the song and it will make a record of the song so that you can go later on to download or listen to it). 

The group is called Karmin, and they are kind of a Pop/hip hop sound. They have their own genre called Swag pop (it’s really just pop…). It’s made up of Rapper/singer Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan. 

Get ready guys, I think this group is going to BLOW up (not literally, God forbid). They were musical guests on SNL this month and on Ellen as well! Their current single out right now is “Brokenhearted.” Now Brokenhearted is the song that I shazamed. But after listening to more of their music, their lesser known single from last year is really my favorite, “Crash Your Party.” It has that upbeat jam that I think just gets everyone out and excited for summer. Cheesy, I know, but I still enjoy it and thought you Top 40 fans would enjoy it as well! I think the reason I enjoy them is because their Top 40 isn’t a Ke$ha sound or some Britney Spears. They put their own little spin on it with the rap. I guess that’s why they call it swag pop. haha. 

That’s it for this week’s music find! Please feel free to submit to our askbox if you have any cool finds or suggestions for posts! 


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So my co DJ Lauren (also Street Team member) has got me hooked on this artist, and this song! She has a very Amy Winehouse sound but with a bit more of a hip hop vibe. I absolutely love it. 

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STUDENT CONCERT REVIEW: Michael Jackson The Immortal

I just got back from Michael Jackson Immortal: Cirque de Soleil. I can’t say enough good things about what went down tonight. Michael Jackson has always been such a huge inspiration to my life. He is a music God in my eyes. He’s considered one of the best melody composers, beatboxers, dancers and lyricists of all time and he touched people all around the world. At the concert there were people that were all different ages, ethnicities, sizes etc. And we were all there to bask in the ambiance that was the message of love that Michael spread. 

Cirque de Soleil usually known for it’s amazing acrobatics changed it up of course for this particular tour. The dancers were the best of the best. Some of my favorites included “Wanna Be Startin Something,” “They Don’t Care About Us,” and the finale “Immortal Megamix: Can You Feel It/Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough/Bille Jean/ Black or White.”

In Wanna Be Startin Something they brought in an African tribal feel to it. There were dancers all over the stage and I didn’t even know where to look. There was a wild tribal aspect to it intertwined with hip hop moves. The costumes were exotic and they had long green claws and animal costumes. It was just insane. “They Don’t Care About us” was taken directly from his ideas from the This Is It concert set. There were dozens of dancers in the heavy robotic suits. LET ME TELL YOU. For those of you that saw and loved the This Is It documentary, it brought me TO TEARS watching it in real life. I think Michael would’ve been so proud. Through that heavy costume they moved so fluidly and beautifully and WERE SO FIERCE. The excitement, and the positive emotion just flowed through the room like nothing else. Simply incredible. 

The Megamix was the best part at the end. Everyone was standing and dancing. I was brought to tears when people were chanting “Michael! Michael” and “We love you Michael!” or “Live on!” 

I can go on and on. They included many clips of him speaking and of course his famous quotes.

I give this concert/show a 100,000,000 out of 10. I’ve seen many concerts. This was the best one I’ve ever seen and I think the best I will ever see. 

But the ultimate gift of that concert was Michael himself. Call me cheesy, but everyone in that stadium felt him with us, dancing and singing right along. 



Interested in reviewing or telling us about your concert experience? EMAIL WMVL TODAY WITH YOUR STUDENT CONCERT REVIEW


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FOLKLORE - New Concert soon!

If you guys don’t know them, here’s a paragraph I grabbed from their site! They sound awesome! 

"Folklore is a mini-orchestra of players led by Jimmy Hughes. A veteran to the Athens music scene where he plays with the likes of Elf Power and Vic Chesnutt, Hughes took the songwriter role when he formed Folklore in 2005 to create two conceptual albums: The Ghost Of H.W. Beaverman (2007) and Carpenter’s Falls (2008).  Both based around a grandiose tale with different vocalists cast to sing each song, these albums offer splendid melodies at every turn with clarinets, strings, trumpet, didgeridoo, and more forming the backdrop to songs that critics have called poignant, provocative, heartbreaking, and haunting.”


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Party on Fifth Ave - Mac Millar

I don’t know about you guys. But I can’t stop listening to this. 

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Theo Katzman - Brooklyn

I think you guys will really like this. Very fresh sound. It’s alternative. My brother used to go to high school with him and he used to be apart of My Dear Disco/Ella Riot before leaving at a couple years of it. He’s trying to make it solo now and I see good things in this guys future! Also he’s apparently very good friends with Darren Criss! 

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And to all of my actual dancers I WANNA SEE SOME OF THIS!!!! 

BE THERE. Or d———.

Techno Party AFTER International Bazaar. It’s gonna be a crazy night. 

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Vinyl Listening Party! Friday!

Hey guys, Vinyl Listening Party during my (DYLAN) show this Friday from 4:30 to 5:30 PM. We’ll be spinning some records from my personal collection, including The Adicts’ Smart Alex and The Circle Jerks’ Wonderful, and maybe some stuff from our own library. Come by and hang out and bring your own vinyl if you have it! You can listen in on 88.1 FM if you’re on campus or stream it live at http://wmvlradio.com/.

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It’s gonna be cray cray!!!! 


(Board member Dylan Gonzales will be giving out free hugs. So just go up to him and give him a hug! except he doesn’t know about it so don’t tell him). 

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Weekly Electronic (DanceThink) - Ella Riot formerly known as My Dear Disco

This week’s “Weekly” is featuring an Electronic band and one of my favorites! 

I found out about this band in 2007. My brother’s high school friend was in the original seven member group. I got their first CD, DanceThink LP, and fell in love. They combine electronic, pop and rock all into their own genre they like to call “DanceThink.”

It almost sounds like awesome pop video game music! Check out my favorite song by them, For Your Love, the beginning sounding like something out of Mario Bros. 

Now I know some people are turned off by the following, but I highly recommend checking out their studio albums on iTunes, which I do enjoy more than their live YouTube performances. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to see them live, but their music lives on! The lead female singer always sang in a megaphone!

They call their genre, DanceThink because their music “stimulates the brain and your feet.” Basically, dance while drunk and get crazy. 

In 2011, they changed their name to Ella Riot to avoid confusion with a band named My Disco. 

Unfortunately, after only one 5 song EP, LoveChild, they disbanded. It breaks my heart to know my favorite band is gone, but I hope they’ll come back! Check out their tunes on Spotify or YouTube! 

My favorite tracks from their first album, DanceThink LP, are "For Your Love", "White Lies" (long version) and “Amsterdam”. 

From LoveChild, I really love "Clubbin" and "It Could Be." 

Clubbin rocks out with some awesome Electric Bagpipe. 

CHECK OUT ELLA RIOT. Lemme know what you thought! 

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Have you checked out the new fierce WMVL bumper?? ITS OFF THE PHO SHEEZY. Share it, Valiants! 

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