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Weekly Electronic (DanceThink) - Ella Riot formerly known as My Dear Disco

This week’s “Weekly” is featuring an Electronic band and one of my favorites! 

I found out about this band in 2007. My brother’s high school friend was in the original seven member group. I got their first CD, DanceThink LP, and fell in love. They combine electronic, pop and rock all into their own genre they like to call “DanceThink.”

It almost sounds like awesome pop video game music! Check out my favorite song by them, For Your Love, the beginning sounding like something out of Mario Bros. 

Now I know some people are turned off by the following, but I highly recommend checking out their studio albums on iTunes, which I do enjoy more than their live YouTube performances. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to see them live, but their music lives on! The lead female singer always sang in a megaphone!

They call their genre, DanceThink because their music “stimulates the brain and your feet.” Basically, dance while drunk and get crazy. 

In 2011, they changed their name to Ella Riot to avoid confusion with a band named My Disco. 

Unfortunately, after only one 5 song EP, LoveChild, they disbanded. It breaks my heart to know my favorite band is gone, but I hope they’ll come back! Check out their tunes on Spotify or YouTube! 

My favorite tracks from their first album, DanceThink LP, are "For Your Love", "White Lies" (long version) and “Amsterdam”. 

From LoveChild, I really love "Clubbin" and "It Could Be." 

Clubbin rocks out with some awesome Electric Bagpipe. 

CHECK OUT ELLA RIOT. Lemme know what you thought! 

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